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Laser Engraving: Exclusive Interpretation Of Acrylic Furniture
Mar 06, 2019

 Laser engraving: exclusive interpretation of acrylic furniture

As a leader in industrial synthetic materials, Acrylic excels in the fashion and avant-garde of individualized furniture with its good transparency, crystal-like texture and rich color.

In recent years, some companies have applied acrylic materials to furniture design, and formed a series of acrylic furniture products, such as acrylic bar, stool, coffee table, fish tank, screen, partition and so on. (Reply to "Acrylic Furniture" to get the relevant article)

As a new material, acrylic design rejects the design of carvings, patterns, etc., and only uses lines and materials to distinguish the embellishment, which can predict the future of acrylic furniture.

The seat made of transparent acrylic is light and elegant.


Acrylic dining table, simple open, transparent material brings a light feeling.


As a popular cutting technology, laser technology has gradually added a new dimension to the modern home decoration industry.