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Laser Engraving Notes
Mar 08, 2019

Laser engraving notes

(1) When using automatic focus measurement, be aware that the automatic focus bar must be tightened, otherwise the work surface will be pushed to the laser head and disengaged from the track.

(2) When the laser engraving machine is working, it is forbidden to open the cover (top cover and front cover), otherwise the laser emission will be stopped, which will affect the processing quality.

(3) When processing the workpiece, the smoke exhausting and blowing equipment must be opened to prevent the dust from contaminating the focusing lens and the reflecting lens, otherwise the lens will be focused and reflected, which will indirectly affect the processing strength and processing precision.

(4) When processing wood and paper workpieces, it is necessary to pay close attention to the processing speed and processing strength to avoid flames due to excessively slow speed and high strength. The flame will damage the focusing lens, and the lighter will affect the processing strength and processing accuracy. The heavy machine will not be used.

(5) When the initial user performs irregular workpiece processing, it is necessary to first perform red light positioning to determine whether the processing position is accurate or not, otherwise it is easy to produce waste.

(6) When processing thin wood, cardboard and other easily deformable materials, the deformation amplitude should be adjusted so that the horizontal difference is less than 1 mm to avoid excessive focal length difference and affect the processing accuracy. When processing paper, fix the paper to avoid displacement during work. When cutting paper, especially soft paper (hair paper, raw paper), stack it 15-20 sheets, soak it in water, level it, and then cut it. This increases work efficiency while avoiding the dangers of burning materials.

(7) When cutting, the workpiece should be placed more than 2 cm away from the work surface to avoid damage to the back of the workpiece after laser reflection, resulting in waste.

(8) Cleaning of the reflecting lens and the focusing lens: the two fingers pinch the reflecting lens, and the other hand uses the camera lens to clean the paper cleaning liquid, gently dragging the surface of the lens, prohibiting the finger from pressing the mirror surface to avoid scratching; or using a cotton swab Gently wipe the focus lens with the lens cleaning solution until it is clean.

(9) When carving vector files, the resolution should be higher (500DPI or 600dpi); when engraving the file, the resolution should be lower (500DPI rough mode or 300DPI) so the engraving effect will be very good.

sum up:

At present, with the development and application of laser engraving equipment in the application technology, technology, laser plane marking, the manufacturing and sales of engraving equipment has shown a good upward trend. Domestic companies engaged in the development, manufacture, and sale of laser equipment, as well as companies that represent foreign laser equipment, are rapidly increasing. Competition is also becoming increasingly fierce.

However, all laser equipment in the domestic market is stuck in the laser plane engraving stage, and no company or research unit can come up with a laser three-dimensional engraving system. Some fine three-dimensional mold carvings still rely on computer carvings or hand carvings. However, both machine carving and hand carving have great weaknesses and limitations, which restrict the development of some fine crafts. There are several laser research institutions in China that are researching laser three-dimensional engraving machines.