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Laser Marking And Signing Technology
Jul 31, 2018

Recently, the fermentation of vaccine events has received more and more attention from the general public. The discussion on the Internet is all about the anger of the vaccine event. Vaccines are about the safety of all people, especially children, and the happiness and well-being of every family.

On July 16, Premier Li Keqiang gave instructions on the vaccine incident: the vaccine incident broke through the moral bottom line of the people and must be clearly explained to the people of the country.

The vaccine incident has exposed a large number of loopholes in the supervision of problematic enterprises. How to prevent and eliminate this requires the wisdom of the relevant government leaders to discuss; and to speed up the formation of a sound drug traceability and recall mechanism to avoid unnecessary secondary Impact and chain effect, at this point, laser marking and signing technology can provide a way to do the best for cracking the vaccine.

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The laser marking and signing technology uses laser technology to mark clear two-dimensional codes on medicine boxes and medicines such as medicine packaging bottles, caps, capsules, etc. The public can scan the two-dimensional code to know the date of manufacture, the source of production, Regulatory channels, complaint information, etc., and can be connected to the corresponding government regulatory network to identify the authenticity of the product. At the same time, this can also form a transparent understanding of medicines by the public, and form social ethics supervision and legal and regulatory supervision of the pharmaceutical companies by the public and regulatory authorities.

The advantage of laser marking and signing technology is that the marking process is non-contact processing, safe and environmentally friendly, and will not pollute the drug itself; and it cannot be removed, which acts as a firewall for the safety of the people.