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Laser Marking Capsules Arming Health To Details
Aug 29, 2018

Various medical drugs in daily life guard our health. At present, there are different types of drugs such as tablets, granules and capsules. Capsules can mask the bad smell of drugs, easy to swallow, and improve the stability and biology of drugs. The degree of utilization can also be used to position and release drugs at a fixed time, which is increasingly used in the medical field.

However, some unscrupulous traders shoddy, especially capsule drugs, are circulated in the market, which is a huge challenge to people's health. In order to prevent the outbreak of this situation, some pharmaceutical companies want to mark on the capsule, but marking on the capsule is not easy.

For a long time, capsule marking used the traditional ink coding process. For manufacturers, this printing method was chosen because its investment cost is relatively low, but its defects are also obvious:

1. Consumables (ink) cost is high.

2, the main disadvantage of ink printing is that the printed mark is easy to be erased, which means that after transportation, handling and storage, the printed mark will become difficult to identify, and it is easy to be counterfeited by people with ulterior motives.

3, poor print quality, if manufacturers want to compress more information (including QR code) into a small area, it will cause problems. In particular, for pill printing, pressure is applied to the product during lithography, and thus it is difficult to apply to the increasingly popular "soft capsule".

With the development of technology, laser marking process has increasingly replaced ink coding, becoming the first choice in medical drug processing:

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1. Cost saving, compared with the traditional ink printing machine, no consumables are required for printing, which saves the cost of ink and other consumables for the production enterprise, and also improves the food safety. In addition, the laser marking machine adopts non-contact marking, and the capsule will not cause contact pollution due to marking, which further ensures the food safety of the capsule;

2. The laser online marking machine uses a high energy density laser to locally irradiate the workpiece, so that the surface material vaporizes or changes color, leaving a permanent mark, non-erasable, and the depth of the etching can be deep or shallow;

3. The laser marking machine has exquisite workmanship and good visual effect.

Mrj-laser marking machine is an effective tool for quickly marking high-resolution and high-resolution markings for medical devices and medical products due to its smaller focusing spot, and can be widely used in materials including plastics and paper.

Huagong laser semiconductor laser online coding machine, using high-quality green light, ultraviolet laser light source, 532nm green light and 355nm ultraviolet laser, because of the shorter wavelength, it is easier to absorb the material while reducing the thermal diffusion effect on the material. For some materials For example, the HDPE material is marked by breaking the molecular bond, so that the marking effect is clearer, achieving a pure black, no touch, and a printed effect.

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Semiconductor ultraviolet laser online marking machine

As a new type of green marking method, laser marking is widely used in the marking of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, glass equipment and metal products. First of all, it is more useful laser marking machine in the clothing industry for marking. Technology leads the future, and when the laser industry develops rapidly, it will definitely provide people with green and safe living services.