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Laser Marking Makes Food Packaging More Enviro
Jun 21, 2018

In recent years, with the continuous improvement of China’s economic status, people’s demand for high-quality modern processing methods has become increasingly urgent. Domestic laser marking machine manufacturers have mushroomed. According to industry sources, laser marking will become the most widely used and common marking method. The facts also proved the wide application of laser marking machines, such as plastic products, handicrafts, food and medicine, cigarettes, wine, PVC board, PCB board, density board, organic board, wood board, bamboo products, luggage and other non-metal industries. , As well as aviation, precision instrumentation, auto parts, petroleum machinery, coal machinery, mining machinery, plumbing hardware industry, general machinery, household appliances and other metal industries, as well as some special materials, laser marking machines have played a decisive role. effect.

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Laser marking is the most advanced technology in the field of industrial product marking. The ever-improving high-speed and high-efficiency laser marking machine equipment has continuously increased its application value in the market. In addition to the plane marking, the laser can print various characters, symbols, patterns, and serial numbers on various arc surfaces, three-dimensional planes, and flying objects. Barcodes, QR codes, etc. The current application of laser marking machines focuses on more precise and higher precision applications. Laser marking machine is mainly divided into: fiber laser marking machine, semiconductor laser marking machine, CO2 laser marking machine. Users can choose different laser marking machines according to the specific marking requirements.

Two-dimensional codes are now appearing in our lives. Many people do not know what is the use of such a square black thing. Actually, two-dimensional codes are information. They are called as two-dimensional barcodes that pass through pattern characters. Different to store some computer-readable information, the bar code is a common and simple one.

Laser cleaning machine rust removal 200w 500w

1) Fast development speed: Due to the combination of laser technology and computer technology, users can achieve laser print output as long as they are programmed on a computer, and can change the print design at any time, fundamentally replacing the traditional mold making process, in order to shorten the product upgrade. Replacement cycle and flexible production provide convenient tools. According to the pattern of the QR code, it can be directly input into the computer.

2) High processing precision: The laser can act on the surface of the material with a very fine beam, and the thinnest line width can reach 0.05mm. It has created a broad application space for precision machining and increased anti-counterfeiting capabilities. Laser marking can meet the need for printing large amounts of data on very small plastic parts. For example, two-dimensional bar codes that require more precise and sharper definition can be printed, and have a stronger market competitiveness than embossing or inkjet marking. Accurate multi-dimensional code is very important, to ensure the integrity of the two-dimensional code printing can be more effective.

3) Low maintenance cost: Laser marking is non-contact marking, unlike the stencil marking process, which has limited service life, and the maintenance cost in batch processing is extremely low.

4) Environmental protection: Laser marking is non-contact marking, saving energy. Compared with the corrosion method, chemical pollution is avoided. Compared with mechanical marking, noise pollution can also be reduced.