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Laser Marking Makes Wood Carving More Realistic
Sep 03, 2018

Wood products are made of wood as raw materials. The products formed can be divided into the following categories: furniture wood products, office wood products, craft wood products, horticultural wood products, living wood products, and now high-tech. Wood products, etc. The wood products we see in everyday life are unique, different from the simple and unadorned ones.

With the rapid development of the economy and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, daily necessities have also gradually increased in terms of quality and appearance. As the most important part of wood products, furniture is no longer a simple daily necessities, but a daily necessities in art, bringing different tastes and warmth to one's own life. As we all know, in the past, if we wanted to make wood products have beautiful patterns and other effects, we often need the fine craftsmanship of the craftsman to grasp the strength of each carving, so that the overall effect can not lose the charm. However, in today's rising labor costs, wood products that are so beautifully designed are not only expensive, but also ineffective in terms of product quality.

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Then the question comes, how can we effectively solve the cost caused by the increase in labor costs, and at the same time be able to guarantee the quality of the products? Laser technology can be solved very well. Because laser processing is different from traditional processing, laser processing is now converted into thermal energy by using a high-energy-density laser beam, which instantaneously causes thermal decomposition and charring of wood, thereby removing some materials. The surface of the product is processed with exquisite patterns, patterns and texts. At the same time, the whole process is controlled by computer. It does not need to have a superb process like traditional processing. Even a very complicated pattern can be processed conveniently by computer. Moreover, the laser can form a very small laser beam after focusing, so even for very fine wood products marking, laser processing can be taken into consideration, not like the traditional processing, not only can not reach the processing precision, while the processing effect It is also difficult to guarantee. Because traditional wood products are mostly hand-carved, it takes a long time and effort, and the processor must have high requirements such as high craftsmanship and artistic sense. Therefore, the development of wood products industry is particularly slow, and now with laser marking machine The emergence of laser equipment such as laser cutting machines has greatly reduced the processing cost and processing threshold of the wood products industry. At the same time, it has improved the effect of wood processing, and the competitive advantage of wood products in the market is more obvious.

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In short, the advantages of integrated laser processing and fierce market competition, laser marking machine should be preferred in marking processing of wood products.