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Laser Marking Technology Helps The Home Appliance Industry To Improve Efficiency
Aug 28, 2018

At present, China's household appliance consumer market is in the stage of consumption upgrading. Household appliances that can save labor time and improve the quality of life have begun to enter the consumer households in large numbers. The number of household appliances in urban and rural areas in China has been increasing. The water purifiers that have been popular in recent years are the most An obvious example.

With the continuous increase of the number of home appliances in the whole society, the marking process and environmental protection level of home appliance parameter labels have also attracted the attention of the industry. It is understood that the traditional home appliance product parameters label usually uses PET, PVC, coated paper and other materials, need to be made first, and then manually attached to the fuselage, not only the paste efficiency is low, but also the label is easy to be torn, biased, drum For foaming, etc., it is necessary to consume a large amount of consumables such as label paper. This type of marking method is costly and environmentally friendly, and requires labor and production time.

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Compared with traditional marking processes such as silk screen printing, inkjet printing, hot stamping and label paper, laser marking technology has incomparable advantages: the laser marking speed makes the traditional marking process unattainable, which greatly improves the processing efficiency; the laser marking pattern The words are clear and never worn, and the lines can even reach the order of millimeters to micrometers, and have strong anti-counterfeiting functions; the laser marking machine adopts a non-contact processing method to minimize the heat influence and avoid deformation of the processed materials; The laser marking machine has the advantages of no consumables, no environmental pollution, and one-time forming, which effectively reduces the production cost and environmental pollution risk for the enterprise.

In the context of the transformation and upgrading of the home appliance industry, consumers are demanding higher quality of home appliances, and the country's environmental protection requirements in the process of home appliance manufacturing are improving. The home appliance industry needs a new marking solution that can balance product quality and environmental protection. The customized solutions provided by Mai Ruijie Laser for various home appliance manufacturers not only meet their requirements for product quality and environmental protection, but also have high marking efficiency and no post-consumer investment, which makes the production line of the company more efficient and tidy. The problem of rising labor costs in enterprises, the automated marking scheme has also greatly reduced the human burden of enterprises.

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