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Laser Processing In The Application Of Advertising Production
Mar 11, 2019

Laser processing in the application of advertising production

The promotion and application of laser engraving and cutting machine has injected new vitality into the advertising industry, pushing the growth of signboards and signs to another peak of application.

The advantage of laser engraving and cutting machine is that laser processing has obvious advantages such as wide processing object, small deformation, high precision, energy saving, small pollution, non-contact long-distance processing and active processing. The slit is narrow, the carving is fine, and the blind groove can be cut without any penetration; it can be easily applied to ultra-thin, brittle, brittle, soft and hard materials and synthetic materials; the cutting speed is fast; no tool wear; easy CNC and computer Moderation: easy to streamline homework. The growth of light, motor, materials, computer, and temperance skills has gradually become a new processing skill.

The laser engraving and cutting machine combines the functions of laser engraving and laser cutting. It has made higher demands on lasers and control systems. It has the advantages of engraving and cutting. It is more versatile and cost-effective. It is used in advertising technology. , mold models, printing plates, leather goods, electronic instruments and other industries.

How laser engraving and cutting machines work

The laser has high correlation, directionality, and high intensity. It is easy to achieve high luminous flux density, focus a strong beam on the medium, and use the process of laser and material interaction to reverse the properties of the material. This is the laser. machining. Ordinary is to stimulate a specific medium, generate a high-energy beam, and control the beam. When the beam hits a certain point of the object - the material melts or vaporizes rapidly due to high temperature, and reaches us. The necessary form of material reservation, that is, by adjusting the energy, speed, direction, and walking trajectory of the laser to reverse the form of materials. To meet our needs is laser processing.

Laser engraving and laser cutting are two different ways of working. Laser engraving is usually composed of carbon dioxide lasers, special laser engraving software, active control systems and fine machinery. It is a low-cost high-tech laser product. Lasers, active control systems, and fine mechanical components are key to weighing machines. Laser cutting is the use of a focused high-energy laser beam to melt or vaporize a workpiece, and an auxiliary gas to blow out the melt or oxide to form a slit. Laser cutting is one of the most mature and widely used laser processing skills in laser processing.