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Laser Surface Treatment And Laser Marking (part 5)
Aug 20, 2018

03 Laser surface texturing or marking of glass

Unexpectedly, almost the same parameters as used for copper materials can also be applied to the marking of the upper and lower surfaces of uncoated borosilicate glass. This further supports the hypothesis that nonlinear absorption is due to the effects of high peak power fiber lasers. Check the dicing area, you can see that the "crack" situation is very limited, crack <10μm, surface roughness <5μmRa. Figure 6 shows the scribing and non-cracking conditions at low magnification. 

 Laser cleaning machine rust removal 200w 500w

Figure 1: Underlined shape on treated copper metal at low magnification

The most interesting results in this process are shown in Figure 7. Among them, the reflectivity of the glass surface can be tightly controlled by changing the scanning parameters.

 Laser cleaning machine rust removal 200w 500w

Figure 2: Effect of 150 picosecond laser treated uncoated borosilicate glass at a scan speed of 1–1.5 m/s