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MRJ-LASER | Laser technology application in the planet
Jan 26, 2018

In recent years, some scientists and scientists in various countries of the world have conducted intensive observational studies and found that the moon is gradually moving away from us and will become darker and darker.
Scientists in the United States and France used the measurements of mirrors placed on the moon by astronauts of the United States in 1969 to show that the distance between the earth and the moon has increased by more than one meter over the past 28 years. Scientists in the United States and France have used precise time measurements Method to measure the distance between the moon and the Earth, this method is to project the laser pulse onto the mirror and then reflected back to the ground, a back and forth for about 2.5 seconds, continuous measurement of changes in the time used back and forth, laser marking machine You can see the distance between the moon and the earth changes. Multiple measurements show that the distance between the Earth and the Moon increases by nearly 4 cm annually due to the tidal friction on the Earth's surface.
Scientists believe that under the effect of the moon's gravity, the Earth produces tides. Part of this tidal energy disperses into the Earth's oceans. As a result of this energy loss, the movement of the lunar system is affected. This means that the moon gradually moves away from Earth s reason.
Two American geographers through the study of nautilus fossils also found that the moon is indeed away from the earth. The two scientists observed the study of several existing nautilus fossils and found that the corrugated thread on the shell has the same performance of tree rings. The threads are divided in many intervals, though the width and width are different, Article about exactly the same number of days a month as the modern lunar calendar.
Observation found that the wavy nautilus growth line a day long, a long interval every month. The special growth phenomenon led to the great inspiration of the two scientists. They also observed ancient nautilus fossils and were surprised to find that the number of ancient nautilus per growing line gradually decreased with the fossil dating backwards. The same geology of the shell growth line is fixed.
The research shows that modern nautilus shell growth line is 30, the Cenozoic Eocene screw shell growth line is 26, Mesozoic Cretaceous is 22, the Jurassic is 18, the Paleozoic Carboniferous is 15 , Ordovician is nine, infer that, in the Paleozoic Ordovician 420 million years ago, the moon around the Earth only 9 days a week. According to the laws of gravity and other laws of physics, the two geographers calculated the distance between the moon and the earth at that time. The result was that the distance between the moon and the earth was only 43% of the present 400 million years ago, .
Scientists have also carried out a calculated study of the recorded lunar eclipse in the past 3000 years. The results are in good agreement with the above reasoning, which proves that the moon is gradually getting away from the earth.