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Laser Technology Provides New Solutions For Mobile Phone Heating Problems
Aug 01, 2018

Recently, Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana, announced a new laser processing technology - roll-to-roll laser induced superplasticity.

According to the reports, this technology can print metal like a newspaper, and make metal components with higher smoothness and higher flexibility, which can achieve very high printing speed and precision. The metal components are used in high-speed electronic equipment to reduce excess thermal resistance and reduce the heating of electronic devices.

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Roll-to-roll laser-induced superplasticity uses a CO2 laser to induce the "superelastic" behavior of different metals in a short period of time through high-energy laser shock, allowing the metal to flow to the nanometer-scale rolling stamping device to break through the metal forming limit. This method solves the problem of rough surface roughness of metal circuits and low resolution of conventional molds, and can form a smooth metal circuit in the accuracy of nanometer order. The metal circuit made by this method has a smooth surface and no excess metal adhesion, which can greatly reduce the thermal resistance of the semiconductor during operation, and provides another solution for solving the heating problem of the electronic device.

In addition, the technology can create touch screens that cover nanostructures that interact with light and generate 3D images while producing cost-effective and sensitive biosensors.