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Laser To Create Glasses Fashion
Sep 07, 2018

In the past, wearing glasses was called "nerd", and the good point was "learning", but now, glasses are no longer a tool, and they have become synonymous with the trend: taking pictures at the beach, women's sunglasses look beautiful and charming. The men’s sunglasses are mysterious and handsome, and the young women with eyes that are not nearsighted wear a pair of glasses frames, which are simple and intellectual. Therefore, when everyone is increasingly pursuing fashion, a pair of glasses can increase temperament and taste, and can make "nerd" become "fashionable."

Glasses have become a "fashion mark" because people do not pursue a single style and material, making the requirements for glasses higher and higher.

The advent of laser cutting machines has brought new milestones to the eyewear industry. Traditional glasses are solid metal or plastic, with glasses, heavy and unsightly. Now using the laser cutting machine, cutting the hollow figure, not only transforms the shape of the glasses, but also makes the whole full of fashion and creativity. Someone asked: The graphics on the glasses are so complicated now that it is very troublesome to manufacture. The laser cutting machine tells you: no trouble, as long as you design the graphics on the computer, you can cut it out at will, beautiful, and save time.

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Some avant-garde people who pursue individuality and fashion, want to have their own logo on the glasses, laser can be - laser marking machine can be labeled with your own, the pattern is very clear, will not disappear. The logo of the laser marking machine will not fall off automatically like ink printing, and will not damage your skin health, so it is creative and environmentally friendly.

The laser cutting machine can cut any pattern on the board, it is fast, high precision, no burr, no need to re-process, much faster than traditional glasses manufacturing. Therefore, the current laser cutting machine and laser marking machine are good equipment for the optical industry.