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Light Up Your Dashboard- Automotive Industry Laser Marking
Jul 11, 2018

In fact, different functions inside the car have different icons to replace. These icons play an important role in our daily driving. Understanding the meanings of these icons can help us to find out the faults of the vehicles in time and repair them early. Ensure driving safety.

As a window for the driver to understand the basic condition of the vehicle, the instrument panel has more and more operational functions distributed in it due to its unique spatial position. In addition to reflecting the basic state of the vehicle, the control of the tuyere, sound, air conditioning, lighting, etc. Give driving more safety and driving pleasure. Therefore, in the car, the instrument panel is a very unique component that combines safety, functionality, comfort and decoration.

When an icon on the dashboard of the car lights up, it also means that the corresponding fault needs to be handled. For example, the driving door is not closed, the remaining oil is insufficient, the seat belt is not fastened, and the like as shown in the figure below.

The principle of the pattern on the instrument panel is also very simple. The pattern that needs to be transmitted is laser-marked, and the shading ink on the surface is detached. The marked characters pass through the light of the LED, and the position other than the character is the cover will not transmit light. So as long as the bottom light is on, the surface pattern can be clearly seen at any time, and the mark is durable and not easy to wear.

Comparison of traditional and laser processes

Screen printing:

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Principle: A special mesh is covered on a blank material, where the pattern is hollowed out and the ink is scraped from above.

Advantages: You can overprint a variety of colors repeatedly, without the limitations of the material of the accessories, the market price is relatively cheap.

Disadvantages: It is not possible to print accessories with too complicated shapes. Over time, paint problems may occur, and there are many processes, which are relatively environmentally friendly.

Laser Marking:

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Principle: Using a high-energy laser beam to burn on the material, the material illuminated by the laser is melted or vaporized to form a groove in the material.

Advantages: fast marking speed, high efficiency, simple process, strong marking of graphics, low operating cost and environmental protection.

Disadvantages: The market price is relatively high.

Dashboard laser marking is not only a car dashboard, in the automotive industry, from the body frame, wheel tires, various hardware components, seat control, steering wheel dashboard, glass, interior, lighting, etc., to the supporting car With oil products, decorations, etc., there are laser-marked figures, and whether it is metal or non-metal, MRJ-Laser has a full range of equipment such as fiber series, UV series, green light series, end pump series, CO2 series. Selected to provide professional marking solutions for the automotive industry.

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