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Cleaning In The Electronics Industry
Mar 05, 2018

Cleaning in the electronics industry

The electronics industry uses lasers to remove oxides: The electronics industry needs high-precision decontamination, which is particularly suitable for laser deoxidation. Before the board is soldered, the component pins must be completely de-oxidized to ensure optimal electrical contact. The pins must not be damaged during the decontamination process. Laser cleaning can meet the requirements of use, and the efficiency is very high. Only one laser beam is needed for one pin.

Precise deesterification in the precision machinery industry:

The precision machinery industry often needs to remove the esters and mineral oils used for lubrication and corrosion resistance of the parts, usually by chemical methods, while the chemical cleaning often still has residues. Laser deesterification can completely remove the esters and mineral oil without damaging the surface of the parts. The removal of pollutants is accomplished by shock waves. The explosive vaporization of thin oxide layers on the surface of the parts creates shock waves that cause the removal of dirt rather than mechanical interaction. The material is completely deesterified for use in the cleaning of aerospace industrial machinery parts. Oil ester removal in the machining of mechanical parts can also be cleaned by laser.

Reactor reactor piping cleaning:

The laser cleaning system is also used for the cleaning of pipelines in reactors of nuclear power plants. It uses optical fiber to introduce a high-power laser beam into the reactor and directly remove radioactive dust. The cleaned material is easy to clean. And because it is a long-distance operation, staff safety can be ensured.

In summary, laser cleaning plays an important role in many fields, such as automobile manufacturing, semiconductor wafer cleaning, precision parts processing and manufacturing, military equipment cleaning, building exterior wall cleaning, cultural relics protection, circuit board cleaning, and precision parts. Processing, manufacturing, liquid crystal display cleaning, chewing gum remnants and other areas can play an important role.