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MRJ-LASER | Colorful Laser Marking On Stainless Steel
Jan 22, 2018

Laser marking technology is more and more common in our daily life, bottles, animal ear tags, two-dimensional code on car parts, 3C electronic marking and so on. The most common is black marking, and many people do not know that it can also mark the color pattern.

In 1999, Ann Marie Carey's first colorful laser marking attempt on a niobium bowl made the laser color marking of metal crafts and jewelry practical.

The Colorful laser marking makes the effect of the pattern more diversified. The object to be marked farewell to the monochrome, the color sense of gradation is enhanced, the image is lifelike, the quality of the product is improved, and the innovation of the traditional technology is made. Since then, laser color marking applications continue to expand, but also to enhance product added value of a new technology means.

 100w laser metal cleaning rust removal and fiber laser marking machine

Stainless steel in the laser heat source, the surface of the formation of colored oxide, or generate a colorless transparent oxide film, due to light interference effect of the film showing a variety of colors, which is the basic principle of stainless steel color marking, simple That is the role of the laser, the stainless steel surface laser heat effect, laser energy is different, stainless steel surface also showed a different color.

The traditional stainless steel color preparation methods such as chemical coloring and electrochemical coloring used in the past have high energy consumption, great pollution and difficult to achieve fine coloring. In contrast, stainless steel laser color marking has unique advantages.

1. Laser marking green, pollution-free;

2. Marking speed, marking patterns can be retained forever;

3. Laser marking can be arbitrary edit a variety of text patterns, easy to operate.


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 100w laser metal cleaning rust removal and fiber laser marking machine

Today the endless application of colored stainless steel in the field of construction, automobile, arts and crafts, etc., laser color marking provides a new and efficient solution for people to add a touch of new color to stainless steel products.