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MRJ-LASER | Eco-friendly Laser Marking For Fruit Label
Jan 21, 2018

British retailer Marks & Spencer introduced a new laser marking method to mark avocado, hoping to reduce paper waste. From changing sticky paper labels to laser printing, it can save 10 tons of label & backing paper and 5 tons of adhesive per year.

 100w laser metal cleaning rust removal and fiber laser marking machine

Avocados are harvested at the country of origin and graded according to their source before being shipped to the United Kingdom. Upon arrival, ripe avocado is placed in a tray and delivered to a conveyor belt, where it is then annotated by a laser marking machine.

The laser marking machine will mark the retailer's logo, the best date to eat, the country of origin, and the cashier code on the outer layer of the avocado. M & S claims that the intense light hitting the outer skin of the fruit will only discolor and fester the outermost peel, not destructive to the fruit, and operate very accurately.

Fruit technology experts said, "Given all the success in the practice of avocado, we can extend this laser tagging technology to a wide variety of other fruits and vegetables and we will have the opportunity to reduce our products exponentially The waste of packaging is very exciting. "

In recent years, the application of laser marking technology in fruits has become more and more widespread. Some imported fruits or local fruits with certain brands, in order to highlight the brand awareness, will be labeled on the surface of fruits, indicating the brand, origin and other information. This label is easily torn or faked, laser marking technology can be marked on the peel, not only does not destroy the fruit inside the flesh, but also play a security role, unique and innovative.

 100w laser metal cleaning rust removal and fiber laser marking machine

Traditional label

 100w laser metal cleaning rust removal and fiber laser marking machine

Laser marking

Recommended models: UV laser marking machine

100w laser metal cleaning rust removal and fiber laser marking machine

This equipment is mainly used for printing Chinese characters, English, numbers, production batch number, production date, expiration date, LOGO, real time clock information, anti-counterfeit channeling digital, etc. to meet the requirements of GMP and HACCP in the pharmaceutical industry.

Product advantages:

1 Structure is flexible, professional support can be easily installed in the pipeline, and can be easily adjusted up and down before and after, even if the complicated working conditions can cope with ease;

2 Professional industrial laser to ensure faster marking speed and marking the consistency of 24 hours to ensure continuous and stable processing, can easily adapt to the needs of industrial mass production;

3 Photoelectric conversion rate, low energy consumption, long machine life, saving customers a lot of processing costs;

4 Man-machine dialogue friendly interface, easy to use, do not have to worry about the frequent changes in operating personnel problems.

Laser label technology to replace the existing paper labels, retailers and suppliers to save production costs and environmental costs, eliminating the need for paper, ink and glue the traditional labeling, the application range will certainly be more extensive.