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MRJ-LASER | Fiber Laser Marking Machine- Effectively Control Product Quality
Feb 04, 2018

As people pay attention to product quality, quality control requires the ability to monitor the production process and process. Fiber laser marking machines, as a means of accurately monitoring quality information, are in demand. With the maturity and development of laser marking skills, laser marking in recent years, there have been many new marking skills.

100w laser metal cleaning rust removal and fiber laser marking machine

First, the shallow trench marking. Shallow groove marking is formed in the material appearance of shallow groove mark. Marking is too deep will lead to data appearance was damaged, such as IC packaging shell marking the depth of the need to control the size of a few microns. General laser marking method instead of marking machine and stamping machine.

Second, deep trench marking. Deep groove marking refers to the appearance of the material form a deep imprint, mainly for the processing of metal materials. The general use of laser material will be the appearance of melting, transpiration or repeated scanning the same part of the deep groove. This method of laser laser engraving can replace the conventional etching process.

Third, black (oxidation) marking. Black marking is the appearance of the material is oxidized to black symbols. Generally used for steel and metal parts of the mechanical parts marking. Black marking is also suitable for marking the ferrous, stainless steel and silicon materials that focus on visual identification.

Fourth, melt marking. Molten marking is marking the surface of a molten material. For example, in a dust-free silicon wafer manufacturing process, only the appearance of the material is melted without damaging the interior, so it is necessary to control the dust generated by the laser when marking. The general selection of frequency doubled Nd: YAG laser (532nm) for laser marking of silicon.