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How To Increase The Service Life Of Fiber Laser Marking Machine
Feb 28, 2018

Correct use of fiber laser marking machine to effectively prolong life

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In recent years, fiber laser marking machines have emerged in the market due to their high stability, long service life, wide application, and good marking results. 

Due to the high cost of fiber laser marking machines, they are needed in daily production. Pay special attention to maintenance.


(1) When the light marker of the laser marking machine is in operation, it must not touch the cross beam;

(2) The laser is the core of a laser marking machine. It must be moved carefully to avoid breaking due to improper movement.

(3) In operation, if a fault is found, it must be stopped immediately to avoid causing casualties;

(4) It is not possible to activate the laser marking machine when the water circulation is improper;

(5) When preparing to turn off the marking machine, set the current to about 5A;

(6) In the work, the work format should be higher than the operating format;

(7) After the equipment is used for a period of time, it is necessary to use a clean dry rag to wipe off dust on the surface;

(8) When the field lens is used for a long time, it will become blurred, or there is dust, etc. Use a clean cotton wool to wipe the lower surface of the lens gently until the lens surface is free from dirt.

(9)After the device is stopped for half an hour, clean up the articles and residues on the work surface. It is necessary to cover the device with a clean cloth to prevent dust from entering the inside of the device.