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MRJ-LASER | Industry 4.0 ---- Take You Through The New Laser Marking Solution
Feb 08, 2018

With the development of our country's industry, our country has stepped into the industrial 4.0 era, and the industrial field is playing an increasingly important role in the world. At the same time, however, the market competition is becoming increasingly fierce.

100w laser metal cleaning rust removal and fiber laser marking machine

Customers need new, high-quality products that require faster delivery of products tailored to the customer's requirements. In addition, the level of productivity must also be continually improved, and only those companies that can produce their products with less energy and resources can cope with rising cost pressures. 

100w laser metal cleaning rust removal and fiber laser marking machine

Industry 4.0 is the standard that came into existence to meet these needs. Laser cutting, marking industry is also constantly breaking to adapt to the development of society, it replaced the traditional cutting mold production in a more convenient way to bring new vitality to the manufacturing and processing industry.

Below, Chengdu MRJ-Laser to take you a taste of the new laser marking solutions to help you shorten the time to market, improve production efficiency and flexibility, to maintain the market competitive advantage.

100w laser metal cleaning rust removal and fiber laser marking machine

1. The machine comes with a complete communication interface. In addition to the usual IP, TCP / IP, normal 8-input / 8-output, dedicated 4-input / 4-output, RS232 interface, there is also an increasing number of PROFINET interfaces for industrial automation.

2. Marking: Autofocus, no manual adjustment, no waiting time. Adapts to the shape of all workpieces, marking on multiple heights and bevels, real-time adapting to marking surfaces. Meet the needs of high-paced production. Automatic marking after marking, in order to check.

3. Tracking: Check the marking code, identify problems, automatically removed, marking qualified, save marking data. To achieve product traceability in the production.

4. Equipment inspection: easy diagnosis, preventive maintenance, real-time status, do a good job.

The above is the laser marking machine in the contemporary society to bring industrial production in people's life play a role, and its role in social development has brought more and more obvious achievements.