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MRJ-LASER | Laser Marking Applications In The Automotive Industry
Jan 31, 2018

Under the influence of the policy of reducing purchase tax by half, the auto market in China picked up significantly in 2016. In the first three quarters, the entire industry sold 19.36 million vehicles of various types, an increase of 13.2% over the same period of last year. In the past ten years, the sales volume of automobiles in China has increased by more than 10 times. At present, the number of cars held by a thousand people in China is about 120, while that in the United States is 800, that in Japan is 600, that in Europe is 550, Hold the number of 160. According to the laws governing the development of automobile ownership in all major countries in the world, the number of vehicles owned by a thousand people in China will exceed 300 in the next 15 years. By then, automobiles will have an annual output of 42 million vehicles. This shows that there is still room for further development in China's automobile industry . At present, the status quo of China's auto market is that there is still a large demand for upgrading and re-ordering of first- and second-tier cities, and the market potential of third- and fourth-tier cities is also gradually released. All these have provided effective support for the development of China's passenger car market.

As one of the pioneers and leaders of laser industrialization in China, one of the largest laser equipment manufacturers in China, Huagong Laser has long been focusing on the application of laser technology in the automotive industry such as marking, cutting and welding, and has done a lot of research. Launched a series of products specifically for the automotive industry, this article focuses on laser marking a lot of applications in the automotive industry.

1. Laser marking on the car, nameplate marking:

Chinese laborer laser car flexible label special laser marking machine, customized for the characteristics of automotive flexible labels. Widely used in automotive, home appliances and other industries, has a wealth of market experience, mature customer solutions, is a well-deserved flexible label marking the ideal model!

Professional international high-quality laser light source, marking the effect of matching high-quality customer products;

Marking speed, high efficiency, significantly increased the number of processing within the same time, to achieve maximum profit for customers;

Long service life of the device, laser output power and stability, high reliability, capable of continuous 24 hours of stable operation, the laser 100,000 hours maintenance-free;

High electro-optical conversion rate, no loss of power coupling, no supplies, the user's cost to a minimum.

This machine is suitable for body labels, engine labels, VIN code labels, bar code labels, car key labels, fuel tank labels, airbag warning labels, tire pressure labels, air conditioning labels, cooling system labels, car start control labels, door tags.

2. Laser marking on the car glass

3. Laser marking on the car arc

4. Laser marking on the auto parts

From the above case can be seen that the application of laser marking in the automotive industry include two-dimensional code, plain code and other marks; Logo, logo, warning signs and other marking; label nameplate marking; automotive glass 3C certification marks such as playing Standard; production date, serial number and other text marking; translucent key marking.

Compared with the traditional screen printing, printing and other means, laser marking non-contact processing, no supplies, high efficiency, high precision. Equipment long life, stable performance, simple operation, saving production costs, but also a wide range of applications, metal, non-metallic materials can be processed, marking the pattern clear, beautiful, durable wear.

It is worth mentioning that the application of laser marking two-dimensional code in the quality tracing system of auto parts and supporting industries has become more and more popular and has become a consistent demand of a wide range of customers in the automotive industry. The promulgation of laws and regulations in the field of vehicle safety has put forward higher requirements on the quality control of automobile vehicles, parts and components and related products. The concept of "Internet +" has been gradually deepened in the manufacturing industry and has also driven the traditional manufacturing industry toward informationization , 

100w laser metal cleaning rust removal and fiber laser marking machine

Automation intelligent direction of rapid development. In order to improve the management of the product Three Guarantees policy, the implementation of the recall policy of automotive defect products, vehicle key components to achieve information collection and quality traceability, laborers laser early start actively promote the industry linkage between the middle and lower reaches of the car and spare parts to build quality traceability system The whole industry chain. Laser marking software used by laborer laser development implanted a strong database support and networking capabilities, and the vehicle and parts manufacturers seamless integration of the database, the establishment of the database automatically and real-time upload information, and upstream and downstream database communication , To achieve full tracking of the product quality control, simply scan the two-dimensional laser tag code, we can know the source of the product manufacturers, production date, batch number and so on.