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Laser Marking Machine In The LED Lighting Industry Applications
Feb 14, 2018

LED lighting marking from the traditional inkjet code into laser marking, LED laser marking machine marking effect, no smell, no word, the brand influence.

With the development of LED lighting industry, laser marking machine plays an important role in the production line. Marking equipment through the packaging to show the unique personality of the product is the key to winning consumers. In order to prevent counterfeiting in the same industry and the effective management of regional sales, manufacturers will use high technology content to identify their own anti-counterfeiting means.

At this stage, in-line businesses generally use ink marking machine, some issues continue to highlight:

1, the traditional ink printing equipment consume a large number of special ink, supplies a large amount of use, the cost is too high;

2, inkjet printer nozzle often blocked the situation, the need for professional maintenance staff;

3, a single product style, easy to erase the mark changes affect the credibility of the product;

4, people continue to enhance the awareness of environmental protection, broadening the processing of the safety and low pollution requirements are getting higher and higher.

Therefore, the selection of non-consumable laser marking machine imminent. Here's an affordable fiber laser marking machine.

Model Features:

Machine structure is simplified, the key components are imported configuration;

Optical system uses a fully sealed structure, with red preview function, the appearance is more beautiful, more convenient operation;

High photoelectric conversion efficiency, high beam quality, fine lines, small spot;

The machine uses air cooling, low energy consumption.

Fiber laser marking machine industry applications

This type of device can mark a variety of metals and a variety of non-metallic, suitable for some require finer, higher precision, depth of the material.

Widely used in hardware, tools, accessories, precision instruments, glasses and watches, jewelry accessories, auto parts, plastic keys, building materials, food, medicine, electronic components, integrated circuits (ICs), electrical appliances, mobile communications, PVC pipe , Sanitary ware and other industries. According to the needs of different industries, introduced one machine, portable models and other models, optional rotating table.