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The Application Field Of Laser Cleaning System
Jun 04, 2018

1.Petrochemical industry: cleaning and descaling of equipment and pipelines, decoking, removal of condensed polymers from polymer and production processes, etc.

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2.Precision electronics industry: cleaning of optical instruments, precision machinery, robots and components.

3.Power Industry: Cleaning of high-voltage transmission and transformation facilities, power distribution cabinets, and transformers.

4.Military industry: Cleaning of aircraft, tanks, warships, nuclear submarine parts and shells, cleaning of nuclear contamination with chemically radioactive substances and bacterial contamination.

5.Machinery industry: pickling, rust removal, passivation, degreasing and coating of metal equipment, and metal surface treatment before finishing.

Laser cleaning machine rust removal 200w 500w

6.Metallurgical industry: The cleaning of various smelting furnace cooling systems with high silica scale, and the cleaning of hydraulic and lubrication systems.

7. Thermal power industry: cleaning and descaling of nuclear power plants, thermal power plants, industrial boilers, and water treatment.

8.Transportation: Washing of ships, diesel locomotives, automobiles, etc.

9.Construction industry: Cleaning of building walls, upper and lower water pipes, heating and ventilation equipment and various central air-conditioning equipment.

10.Pharmaceutical, food industry: disinfection, sterilization, sterilization, washing and aseptic production.

11.Gem processing, watch industry, optical mechanics and other precision industries: measuring instruments, clock lines, jewelry, buckles, dials, concave parts, rings, gears, springs, bearings, precious stones, lenses, frames, precious metal decoration Products, Cameras, Shutters, Parts, Drills.

Laser cleaning machine rust removal 200w 500w

12.Automotive industry: valves, ignition plugs, gasification bolts, brake pumps, fuel pumps, batteries, electrode plates, piston rings, machine control disks, components, components for internal assembly, fuel tanks for motorcycles

13.Rubber industry: gloves, belts, white tires, surgical rubber products, rubber molding metal molds.

14.Financial institutions: stamps, acceptance number signs, coins, high-grade porcelain, silver products.