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MRJ-LASER | The Application Of Laser Marking Machine
Jan 25, 2018

The application of laser marking machine in many industries are pivotal and cherished. Therefore, the marking machine of this modern trademark equipment in a wide range of applications across the country came.
Different industries will use fiber laser marking machine to apply different functions. Leather bags like leather: marking the main material, playing the main pattern, sometimes drawn at the same time need to hollow, individual customers need to process the whole volume of material, or play a larger area of the leather, marking may be beyond the scope of the header processing Range, need accurate imposition.
This is like an organization, in the application of certain functions but also need the help of other tools to work together to achieve more excellent results.
In other industries, different industries determine the different functions of marking machines: food, pharmaceutical industry, the main role of packaging marking, the main function of the production date and serial number marking, all need to cooperate with the assembly line. However this marking function will have a relatively high requirement that the sensor automatically detect the transmission speed and adjust the marking speed at the same time to ensure correct marking even under the condition of uneven conveyor speed. There is no problem in securing the printed production date and serial number. For the current industry technology, laser marking machines have the high demands and high functionality required by this industry. Therefore, large-scale enterprises or slightly formal enterprises, they use the machine is the most cost-effective in the current marking machine industry, and the most complete function of the laser marking machine!

100w laser metal cleaning rust removal and fiber laser marking machine

The existence of this marking machine, mainly in a variety of hardware industry and metal equipment. It is a good idea to print a trademark for metallic products.
Like our daily use of hardware tools, bearings, aluminum pieces, sanitary ware and so on the leading: that is, marking of metal instruments. Mainly in the metal type of equipment to print the company's logo and serial number. Just like the hammers we use, we see some company markings on the surface of each hammer. These marks are the so-called metal markings!
Marking machine application industry is too much, like jewelry marking, keyboard marking, daily necessities Penma and so on. Reasonable and correct use of marking machines can bring more perfect corporate logo.