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MRJ-LASER | UV Laser Marking Machine Application
Feb 06, 2018

UV laser marking machine, also known as purple laser marking machine, UV laser marking machine is a laser marking machine series, so the principle is the same with the laser marking machine, laser beams are used in a variety of different material surface Marked permanently. Marking effect is through the evaporation of surface material to reveal the deep material, or through the light can cause chemical and physical changes in the surface material and "mark" or burn through the light sector of the material to show the desired etching Pattern, text.

100w laser metal cleaning rust removal and fiber laser marking machine

Currently on the market laser marking machine mainly CO2 laser marking machine, semiconductor laser marking machine, fiber laser marking machine and UV laser marking machine, etc., laser marking machine is mainly used for some require more sophisticated, precision Higher occasions. The use of 355nm UV laser research and development, the machine uses third-order intracavity frequency doubling technology compared with infrared laser, 355 UV light spot is small, to a large extent reduce the mechanical deformation of the material and the thermal effects of processing small, due to Mainly used for ultra-fine large table, carving, especially suitable for food, medicine packaging material marking, playing microporous, high-speed division of glass and silicon wafer wafer cutting complex graphics applications such as integration into the international advanced technology , High-energy ultraviolet photons directly destroy many molecular bonds on the surface of non-metallic materials, so that the molecules from the object, this method does not produce high heat, UV laser extraction spot is minimal, and the processing is almost no thermal effects, it is said For cold processing, which is suitable for special materials ultra-fine marking and engraving.

100w laser metal cleaning rust removal and fiber laser marking machine

Laser technology In the 90's when the laser technology and optical, crystal and other energy for decades of unremitting efforts has been successfully developed a UV laser marking equipment, and has aroused widespread international attention and the first to achieve the photovoltaic , Glass, film and other industries. And the successful development of such technology has long been oxidized metal marking and atomic active substances have been resolved, the use of 355nm cold laser UV laser technology and the external light path will have a greater impact on the assembly of spectral energy.

In the assembly process, some high-precision elliptical marking needs to be rotated with measures to achieve turn arc marking.

After successful research on UV laser marking machines, it has already prayed for its supportive role in energy and materials construction. It also plays a significant indirect role in the country's total output value of economy and has solved many major scientific issues , For the future development plays a big decisive role. Laser technology is an important research technique in modern molecular structure. Ultraviolet laser is a powerful technical means to study various molecular structures and has been widely used in marking applications in high-tech industries such as glass, crystal and photovoltaic.

Laser marking technology, especially in the development of these decades, has been gradually greater development, and in the continuous exploration of the successful access to a wide range of international applications.