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MRJ-LASER | UV Laser Marking Machine In The Role Of Security Labels
Feb 03, 2018

With the increasingly competitive market, many products are fake, many consumers are also deceived by counterfeit products, entrepreneurs in order to ensure the interests of consumers and businesses, so many products have security signs, UV Marking is the best method of anti-counterfeiting, which is why UV laser marking machine favored by many businesses.

100w laser metal cleaning rust removal and fiber laser marking machine

Ultraviolet laser marking machine can form a very fine purple light beam, the product surface marked with the thinnest security labels, generally controlled at about 0.05 mm, creating a wide range of space for precision machining and security. Laser on any product surface can be a variety of graphics, such as bar codes, two-dimensional code, trademark logo, model, date, autographs, etc., the more complex the more difficult security.

100w laser metal cleaning rust removal and fiber laser marking machine

Remind everyone: UV laser marking machine in the course of the normal use of the smooth sound issued are very normal, if the big sound when issued it would have to properly check the purple machine, and see where is out Problems to prevent the possibility of causing major problems, the first check from the following.

(1) Look at the UV laser marking machine chip temperature is normal, if normal, then the chip is no problem.

(2) If the quality of the optical lens of UV laser marking machine is poor, it may be affected by the heat and lead to its deformation.

(3) If the UV laser marking machine pump source output energy is not stable, indicating a problem with the pump source, have to carefully check the reasons.

(4) To see if it is not UV laser marking machine power supply is not stable, if the power is no problem to continue the next idea.