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What Is The Factor That Influences The Speed Of Fiber Laser Marking Machine ?
May 29, 2018

The purpose of fiber laser marking machine is to bring higher production efficiency to the enterprise and create higher value. How to increase the marking speed of fiber laser marking machine?

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The main factors influencing the fiber laser marking machine : internal factors and workpiece processing:

First, the internal factors mainly include the laser frequency, the laser spot pattern and the beam divergence angle, the laser power, and the appropriate optical shaping assisted gas during processing. The internal factors are mainly noticed during the selection of the previous model, and the opinions of the laser engineer should be followed to purchase.

Second, another factor mainly needs customers to pay attention when processing, mainly for the marking density, marking field, marking depth and laser spot size.

1, Marking density

In the same area, the same spot, the same depth, the higher the density of the marking, the slower the corresponding marking speed, which is because the density directly increases the area of the marking.

2, Marking field

Because the deflection area of the large-field marking oscilloscope is increased, the large-surface marking speed is slower than that of the small-field marking.

3, Marking depth

According to the demand, if the depth of marking needs to be deepened, the parameters of the fiber laser marking machine need to be adjusted to increase the power and current of the fiber laser marking machine. Therefore, the marking speed will be affected in these processes.

4, Laser spot size

The smaller the spot, the smaller the corresponding marking volume. Therefore, the larger the spot, the faster the marking.

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The above are the techniques for improving the marking speed of fiber laser marking machines. I believe that everyone can follow these methods to increase the marking speed and create higher profits.