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Optical Fiber Laser Marking Machine Introduced
Nov 25, 2016

Fiber lasers laser physics research in recent years become a popular, it was agreed that it is possible to replace a new generation of solid state laser product. Fiber lasers are used in a rare earth-doped glass fiber as the gain medium of the laser, fiber laser in the optical amplifiers developed on the basis of: within the optical fiber in the pump very easy to form a high power density, laser materials laser level "inversion", when you include a positive feedback loop (the cavity) can form a laser oscillation output. Optical fiber laser marking machine is the use of laser beams in a variety of material put a permanent mark on the surface. Marking the effect through the evaporation of surface material exposing the deep substance, or is caused by light physical change of the surface material and "cutting" traces or by light burn the material, showing the required etching pattern, text, bar codes and other types of graphics.