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PCB Benefits A Lot From Marking Machine
Jun 29, 2018

As an important electronic connector, PCB is used in almost all electronic products. It is considered to be the "mother of electronic system products." Its technological changes and market trends have become the focus of many companies.

At present, PCB marking processing mainly includes screen printing and laser marking.

The traditional silk screen processing is rough, and the label is easy to fall off to the user and cause inconvenience. In addition, silk screen printing procedures are cumbersome, requiring operators to replace them in time to ensure production efficiency and increase labor costs.

The laser marking machine, with its precision and flexibility, can make up for the insufficiency of silk screen processing and gradually become the best tool for PCB marking. It will play a decisive role in the circuit board industry!

PCB laser marking machine is a special model that is specially used to mark bar code, two-dimension code and characters, graphics and other information on the printed circuit board. Using the PCB laser marking machine to mark the information on the circuit board, it can record the relevant production information of the circuit board, realize the control of product information in the production process, and achieve the traceability of the electronic product's full life cycle.

What are the "bright spots" for PCB-specific laser marking machines?

High-precision: Laser marking is precise and non-contact processing. It can make fine lines less than 0.1mm and characters and numbers within 0.5mm on the surface of the material. It is especially suitable for the circuit board which requires extremely small graphics and texts. Identification.

Safety and environmental protection: only a small amount of gas is generated and discharged through ventilation, and no chemical assistance is required to protect the operator's safety and working environment as much as possible. 

High quality: The electronic chip has high requirements for marking quality, clarity and permanence. The laser marking machine can realize the permanent marking of the chip, and does not fade away due to external factors such as high and low temperature, acidity, and friction. 

In order to match the company's requirements for high-efficiency production, the dedicated laser marking machine for PCBs introduced by MRJ-Laser can help the circuit board industry to complete the perfect quality tracking and control, and provide a complete set of laser equipment processing solutions for circuit board manufacturers. 

The dedicated use of PCB-specific laser marking machines can significantly increase production processing efficiency and product yield. Using advanced laser marking technology can increase productivity, reduce costs, and reduce pollution, making it ideal for PCB marking.

MRJ-Laser laser marking machine advantage

◆ PCB online laser marking machine high-performance laser, good marking quality, high-precision CCD, can dock customer MES system data information.

◆ According to the customer's PCB marking requirements and specific requirements, UV laser, fiber laser, CO2 laser can provide three kinds of optical path. 

Laser cleaning machine rust removal 200w 500w

Laser cleaning machine rust removal 200w 500w

Laser cleaning machine rust removal 200w 500w

◆ High-accuracy CCD realizes automatic positioning, reading, and rating.

◆ Seamless connection with mature SMT assembly line

◆ Easy to interface with customer MES system for online data transmission and information return

◆ Compared with ordinary printing methods, no consumables, no pollution, no maintenance

With the changes of the times, laser marking has also been continuously adapted to the development of society, gradually replacing the traditional silk screen processing, to bring new vitality to the manufacturing industry in a more convenient way, following the pace of the Industrial 4.0 era. .