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Reasons For Choosing A Laser Marking Machine
Sep 19, 2018

As we all know, since the advent of laser marking machine, it has been deeply loved by users with its unique advantages and good performance, and has been widely used in all walks of life. Although the laser laser marking machine has high engraving precision and has the advantages of non-contact, permanent, anti-counterfeiting and high processing efficiency, what are the advantages and disadvantages compared with the traditional equipment? Let's let Xiaobian analyze one by one.

From the point of view of production application, we can understand from the six aspects of speed, efficiency, degree of use, operational difficulty, safety hazard, and product demand.

In terms of speed, the laser from the typesetting to the LOGO forming, occupies an absolute advantage, and gets rid of the traditional equipment from the production of film-plate-web-printing fiber laser marking machine-adjusting ink-fixing-printing LOGO. Every step in the middle can't go wrong, and the process is far more complicated than you and I imagine. And the laser from the drawing - typesetting - positioning - play LOGO, the intermediate process is only carried out in two software, the operation is simple, the error rate is low.

In terms of efficiency, the laser has no consumables and saves ink. In the operation of the worker, the laser only needs to adjust the image file, and the traditional equipment constantly asks the worker to pay attention to whether the net is blocked or not. The printed figure has a cross section, the net surface is clean and the external environment is clean and free of dust.

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The degree of use of traditional equipment still occupies the bulk of the market. After all, it is a veteran. In many product LOGO expressions, the laser is still not as colorful as the traditional equipment. The single color of the laser limits the development of laser in many industries.

In terms of operation difficulty, the laser marking operation of the laser marking machine is simple, the traditional equipment is operated with care, and the laser operation is to learn the operating software of the CDR and the laser machine, so as long as you will have a computer in this study, it is not thing. In traditional equipment, you must first select the ink, choose the color you want, and use a combination of one and multiple colors to get the color you want, put the ink into the stencil, and you have to be wholehearted during use. Investing, each time you print a part of the product, you have to repeat a few actions, the strength of the scraper, whether the stencil is blocked, whether the stencil is messy, the amount of ink, and the uniformity of the ink printed on the product.

In terms of safety hazards, the laser is glaring, and the ink is a volatile gas. When the laser is playing LOGO, it will inevitably produce some smoke and dust, and the ink (component) fiber laser marking machine will produce an odor during the reconciliation and printing process, and these are harmful to the body, but The laser can solve this kind of problem by equipped with an exhaust fan, but the traditional equipment can not effectively improve the whole working environment.

In terms of product requirements, the integration of lasers is still much higher than that of traditional equipment. Lasers are far superior to traditional equipment in LOGO molding, speed, operation and manpower.

Recommended equipment--

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Equipment Introduction:

MRJ-FL-SC20A hand-held portable fiber laser marking machine is developed by the world’s most advanced laser technology;

Adopted self-developed fiber laser, integrated structure and professional engineering design, hand-held scan head weighs only 1500g;

Integrated galvo-scanner, optical system, fiber collimator and hand-held marking head at one system, it's the world's smallest laser marking machine;

Unique design structure to meet kinds of marking requirements for workpiece which is complex and hard to put on workbenches.

System Characteristic:

Fiber laser has excellent beam quality and high precise marking effect;

Adjustable marking field for hand-held, the max field is 110x110mm;

The whole machine is small size, light weight, hand-held scan head can also work with lifting platform for laser marking;

Compact structure design, stable performance, high-speed marking, high repeat positioning accuracy;

Core components are optimally designed, with high signal-to-noise ratio and strong anti-interference ability;

No need any maintenance for laser, and working lifetime is up to 100000 hours.