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Research Progress On Laser Paint Removal Technology For Aircraft Composite Parts
Sep 13, 2018

Laser paint removal technology has been widely studied and applied as a new and environmentally friendly paint removal method. In this paper, the laser paint removal technology is introduced in detail, and the development trend of the paint removal application on the surface of aircraft composite parts is analyzed. Through the description of relevant foreign application examples, the laser surface removal of aircraft composite parts in China is prospected. Paint technology research and application.

The paint removal work on the surface of the aircraft is an important part of the aircraft overhaul. At present, the chemical method is commonly used in China, that is, the paint is removed by using a paint remover. Although this method is fast, it can only be applied to the surface of aircraft metal parts. Paint, for aircraft composite parts that are currently in increasing use, chemical paint removal methods are prone to damage to the substrate and are therefore not applicable. The traditional manual sanding method for removing the surface paint layer of the composite material is not only time-consuming, low-efficiency, and the surface quality after polishing is difficult to control, and the body and the operator are greatly injured. Plastic media blast (PMB) is an effective composite surface paint removal process, but it requires high plant and environmental requirements, so it requires high equipment investment costs, and it has certain environmental and operational personnel. s damage. In order to achieve effective, fast and "green" removal of the surface paint layer of aircraft composite components, it is necessary to study a new process.

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