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Researchers Use Laser Pulses To Study The Anomalous Properties Of Water
Jul 18, 2018

Recently, a Swiss research team used existing terahertz spectroscopy to measure the hydrogen bonding of liquid water. The work carried out using this technology may help explain the special nature of water in the future.

Researchers used ultrashort visible laser pulses to excite dye molecules dissolved in water, thereby changing their charge distribution. Subsequently, the terahertz pulse measures the reaction of the surrounding water molecules. The relatively low frequency terahertz spectroscopy allows researchers to analyze the forces that exist between water molecules. Observing the forces between these molecules can help researchers understand the anomalies of water, because the hydrogen bonds in liquid water molecules constitute many unexpected properties of water, such as water at 4 ° C, the highest density.

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Because the terahertz spectrum of a liquid like water is very wide and extremely blurred. This makes it difficult to extract information from it. The time-resolved techniques used in the latest research may overcome this limitation. Next, the researchers plan to use this method to explore the structural and dynamic mechanisms of water still in liquid but below freezing.