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Russia, Switzerland Are Studying Ways To Launch Satellites By Laser
Jul 21, 2018

Recently, the technical director of Russia's "Galaxy" company Irian said that the company and researchers at the Dltech Institute in Switzerland are studying the method of launching satellites with laser cannons.

The system works by transmitting energy to the special device of the payload by laser radiation. Part of the laser beam ionizes the airflow in front of the aircraft through the optical channel, while the superconducting magnet directs it downward.

The laser cannon is planned to use a 300 kW laser manufactured by the Swiss company Dltech. It is inferred that to advance the payload of 100 kilograms, the power of the laser should be at least 40 megawatts, which the project team is studying.    

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Researchers say the system can reduce transportation costs by 10% to 50% to $500 per kilogram, while Pioneer can capture 95% of the launch service market. “Galaxy” believes that the project can be realized within five years and then enter the commercial operation stage.

It is reported that the total cost of the project is about $107 million.