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Seven Precautions For CO2 Laser Marking Machine
Aug 03, 2018

Laser marking machines have been favored since their birth. Nowadays, laser marking machines are becoming more and more diverse on the market, and more and more users are purchasing laser marking machines.

CO2 laser marking machine as a major force in the marking processing market, its equipment performance has become more mature, the traditional laser marking machine is no longer suitable for the needs of social development, replaced by CO2 laser marking machine, fiber laser 3 laser marking machine equipment such as marking machine and semiconductor laser marking machine. For CO2 laser marking machines, the marking life is longer, the operation is safer, and it is more suitable for industrial production.

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However, the CO2 laser marking machine has a certain risk factor due to its working principle, so it is necessary to pay attention to safety protection during the operation. So how to safely use the CO2 laser marking machine? Let's share with you how to use the CO2 laser marking machine safely. There are 7 precautions, and the user can improve the security of the use:

1. CO2 laser marking machine belongs to four types of laser products. It is necessary to avoid the laser beam directly or indirectly illuminating human eyes or skin. At the same time, it is necessary to restrain family and children from coming close to or touching the laser marking machine to avoid unnecessary damage.

2. The voltage is set in the CO2 laser marking machine. When the equipment fails, it should be stopped immediately. It should be repaired by professionals and authorized personnel of the equipment supplier. Do not disassemble it by yourself.

3, CO2 laser marking machine to ensure good grounding, in order to prevent static interference and prevent electrical damage.

4, CO2 laser marking machine equipment should be kept clean and tidy in order to ensure the smooth progress of the production process.

5. The operator must not plug in the power plug and each interface cable, otherwise it will cause damage to the CO2 laser marking machine or computer.

6. The optical components of the CO2 laser marking machine are coated with a film layer, and no hard contact should be made during cleaning to prevent scratching.

7. When the CO2 laser marking machine is working normally, the casing should be closed.

When using the user, pay attention to the above 7 major issues, use the CO2 laser marking machine correctly, ensure the safety of the use process, ensure the production quality, production efficiency, and ensure the service life of the equipment.

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