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Six Advantages Of Laser Cleaning Machine Works On Cultural Relics
Jul 26, 2018

● Select the different laser parameters to selectively clean the surface of the cultural relics, so as to ensure that the pollutants are cleaned without harming the surface of the cultural relics.

● Laser is a kind of light energy. It ensures that the cleaning is free of any physical contact and is extremely useful for ancient artifacts that are highly damaged.

● Extremely precise positioning of the cleaning. The laser beam accurately positions the cleaning area, and its beam diameter can vary from one millimeter to one centimeter, even cleaning irregular and concealed surfaces.

● Very easy to control and timely feedback cleaning. The staff can judge the cleaning effect by monitoring the surface reflectance of the material or the surface acoustic wave caused by the laser. According to the cleaning effect, the laser power can be turned off at any time during the cleaning process to terminate the cleaning.

●It can clean the surface of cultural relics of different materials such as marble, sheepskin, paper and silk, and ensure no residue and damage.

● It is a very environmentally friendly cleaning, and it will not produce any harmful substances during the cleaning process.

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