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Stone Clean By Laser Cleaning Technology
Aug 07, 2018

The uniform color of granite and the tough and wear-resistant texture, the soft and elegant color of marble and the natural fresh texture, beautify our living environment, let us fully feel the beauty and charm of nature. Also pay attention to cleaning and maintenance while using. With the development of science and technology, stone cleaning technology is changing with each passing day, and some technology-related technologies have emerged. The original artificial-based technology has gradually begun to fall behind, and some fresh technologies have appeared at the same time.

Chengdu Mai Ruijie laser can be divided into the following two categories in terms of its cleaning mechanism:

1. Absorption coefficient.

Most of the laser energy radiated to the surface is absorbed by the surface deposits, which is heated or vaporized to evaporate, or instantaneously expands, and is driven by the vapor stream formed on the surface to remove the surface of the object for cleaning purposes. The substrate absorbs energy from the laser of this wavelength is extremely small and will not be damaged. For this type of laser cleaning, choosing the right wavelength and controlling the laser energy is the key to safe and efficient cleaning.

2. The laser energy absorption coefficient suitable for cleaning the substrate and the surface attachment is not much different, or the substrate is sensitive to the acidic vapor formed by the heat of the coating, or the cleaning method may be generated when the coating is heated to generate toxic substances.

Laser cleaning machine rust removal 200w 500w

This type of method usually uses a high power, high repetition rate pulsed laser to impact the surface being cleaned, and converts part of the beam into sound waves. After the sound wave hits the lower hard surface, the near portion and the incident sound wave generated by the laser are slightly exploded, the coating is pulverized, pressed into a powder, and then vacuum pumped, and the underlying substrate is not damaged. The laser has high brightness, high directivity, high monochromaticity and high coherence, which is unmatched by ordinary light sources. With the high brightness of the laser, after focusing by the lens, it can generate tens of millions of degrees or even tens of thousands of degrees of temperature near the focus. The high directivity of the laser allows the laser to be efficiently transported over long distances. The laser's monochromaticity is extremely high and the wavelength is single, which is good for focusing and wavelength selection.