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Study On Application Of Optical Fiber Laser Marking Machine
Nov 25, 2016

Fiber lasers and laser physics research on a hot, it was agreed that the new generation of products is a comprehensive alternative to solid state lasers. Optical fiber laser marking machine is the use of laser beams in a variety of material put a permanent mark on the surface. Marking the effect through the evaporation of surface material exposing the deep substance, or is caused by light surface chemical and physical changes of matter "carve" marks or by light burn the material, showing the required etching pattern, text, bar codes and other types of graphics

Refers to the so-called optical fiber laser marking machine marker using fiber laser, fiber laser is small in size (no water cooler using air cooling), good beam quality (base module), maintenance-free characteristics

Main by laser, and vibration lens, and playing standard card three part composition, used fiber laser production laser of playing standard machine, beam quality good, its output Center for 1064nm, machine life in 100,000 hours around, relative Yu other type laser playing standard device life more long, electro-optic conversion efficiency for 28% above, relative Yu other type laser playing standard machine 2%-10% of conversion efficiency advantage is big, in energy-saving environmental, aspects performance outstanding.