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Supervise Food Safety, Labels By Laser Marking
Aug 03, 2018

Food safety issues are more prominent in China. Apart from management issues, it is a big problem to fail to trace the origin of food. For example, fruit, in some imported fruits and local fruits with higher prices, fruit traders often stick a label on the fruit outsourcing for brand awareness, indicating the origin and brand to show the difference. The problem is that such labels can be torn off. And can be faked. A better way is to mark the peel and leave no chance for the counterfeiter. This is the laser fruit label we are going to discuss today.

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The EU has just ruled that fruit traders can use lasers and iron oxides and hydroxides to mark the fruit skin, making the laser markings more visible and not penetrating the peel. In addition to being used to mark the country of origin, this technology can also include information such as QR codes and barcodes.

Since the laser fruit label is directly engraved on the surface of the peel, it does not require the use of packaging materials such as glue, paper and plastic, thus reducing environmental pollution. In addition, as mentioned at the beginning of the article, the label is engraved on the peel, and it is not so simple to make a fake.