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The Application In Voltage Field
Aug 13, 2018

At present, the marking work of low-voltage electrical appliances is mainly carried out by ink pad printing technology, and specifically includes the specifications of the low-voltage electrical appliances such as fuses, air switches, and leakage protectors, and the identification of product names. However, this also faces a problem, that is, since these are components that are relatively easy to generate friction during use, the identification is difficult to recognize during use, which brings unnecessary troubles to future use, then How can we ensure the durability and wear resistance of the marking effect? I believe that everyone will think of the advantages of laser marking in this respect.

The contents of low-voltage electrical appliances include model specifications and product identification. Traditional ink-printing technology still has shortcomings in the production process, mainly because the ink is easy to fall off, not delicate enough, the variety of plate-making is too complicated, the cost of consumables is high, etc. If the adhesion is stronger, it is necessary to add a curing agent. It is required to change one ink cartridge every 8 hours, even if the ink cartridge is not used up, it will be invalidated, and the imported 80-gram ink cartridge will be equivalent to RMB 400 yuan, with three shifts per day for three shifts. Machine count, the annual consumption of up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. The high cost of consumables is an urgent problem for any low-voltage electrical appliance manufacturer.

The laser marking machine performs the marking work on the workpiece well by the action of the laser. Unlike the ink printing, the marking is attached to the surface of the workpiece, thus ensuring the durability of the marking effect, not because of our fingers. The disappearance of the long-term touch has played a very important role in the correct operation of low-voltage electrical appliances. Moreover, the laser marking machine through the operation of no consumables, the marking cost is greatly reduced, the environment is not polluted, the marking effect is exquisite, which is a significant improvement compared to the ink printing.

Through the analysis of operating costs and case analysis of production enterprises, the operating cost of ink pad printing equipment is much higher than that of laser equipment. We have made small-scale use in several large domestic production enterprises. During the use process, users have fully realized the advantages of laser and the profit growth brought by the company through the comparison of the two production methods. At the same time, they also promoted the speed of equipment replacement, which also shows that the application of laser in the low-voltage electrical industry is a future development trend.