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The Application Of Flying Laser Marking Machines
Jun 05, 2018

With the rapid development of science and technology and the improvement of various productivity levels, the application of flying laser marking machines has become more and more widespread. So what areas are in great demand for it?

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1, Gift industry

In China, the development of the gift industry has never been influenced by the economy. The general use of flying marking machines for making small gifts,like pens, brushes, pen holders, etc. The appearance of the design and text description requirements are relatively high for these small gifts,flying laser marking machine is your first choice to achieve delicate and beautiful effect.

2, Hardware production industry

Such as bearings, scissors, or smaller screwdrivers.

3. Labels and signage

The use of flying laser marking machines is indispensable. Such as the trophy, the various signs on both sides of the road, the clothing tag, and the production of business card greeting cards. Especially the mobile phone chain, its production can not be separated from the application of flying laser marking machine.

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4, Medical devices

The state has very high regulations on medical devices and has strict quality standards. There is also a set of production standards for the labeling of the instrument above. And these are just a piece of cake for a flying laser marker.

5,Packaging industry

For example, on the outside of the packaging of tobacco, such as the font printing, food and drug packaging and cosmetics packaging. Food and medicine are most inseparable from the use of laser marking machines. Because it does not have any hidden dangers to the safety of the food itself, people can use this package safely. The use of cosmetics on the packaging will not only affect the quality and quantity of cosmetics, but also not affect the use of cosmetics.

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