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The Cable Industry Has A Good Prospect, And Laser Marking Is Taking Advantage Of The Development!
Sep 02, 2018

Cables are in desperate need of permanent markings that do not fall off paint and do not fall off. The role of the laser marking machine is thus highlighted. The good prospects of the cable industry will also help laser marking development!

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In urban and rural construction, there are many kinds of cables, which are crossed vertically and horizontally, and it is often easy to confuse the functions of different cables. In the past, cables were marked by outer inkjet marking and labeling. However, due to the arrangement of the cable lines, the general use time is long, and the lines may not change for several years or even decades, and the environment of the cable is generally exposed or buried underground, and the inkjet marking and labeling are often worn or detached. Therefore, the cable is in desperate need of a permanent mark that does not fall off the paint and does not fall off. At this point, the role of the laser marking machine is highlighted.

Laser marking has obvious advantages

Laser marking is the use of a high-energy-density laser beam to target a target, causing physical or chemical changes in the target surface to obtain a visible pattern of marking. As the laser beam moves regularly over the surface of the material while controlling the laser break, the laser beam is processed into a designated pattern on the surface of the material.

Compared with the traditional marking process, laser marking has obvious advantages: easy operation, fast marking speed, clear and permanent writing; non-contact processing, low pollution, no wear and no deformation; high-speed automatic operation and high production efficiency ,low cost.

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Inkjet marked cable

Laser cleaning machine rust removal 200w 500w

Externally labeled cable

Laser cleaning machine rust removal 200w 500w

Laser marked cable

Cable industry prospects are good, laser marking development

The state attaches great importance to the standardized development of the cable industry. The national standard GB 6995.1-1986 clearly stipulates the identification of wire and cable: product trademark, model, specification, performance, manufacturing plant, etc. And the definition of sharpness and rub resistance, and the laser marking machine can easily reach the standard.

At the same time, some international developed countries have adopted laser marking technology as the technical standard for industrial processing. China also attaches great importance to this technology. The National Science and Technology Commission has listed this technology as the "Eighth Five-Year Torch Plan" for research and development. Now it has attracted the attention of more and more manufacturers in China, and will replace the traditional marking process.

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As we all know, the purpose of enterprise implementation of Industrial 4.0 intelligent manufacturing is to implement the full life cycle trace management of products and meet the flexible manufacturing requirements of small batch, multi-batch, personalized customization, etc., and the intelligent marking production line is the most basic automation hardware facility. .

With the rise of automation and intelligence in China, the improvement of infrastructure and the improvement of urbanization level, the cable industry will maintain a high growth. Especially with the gradual launch of smart grid construction, as the most important supporting industry, the wire and cable industry has also ushered in an unprecedented development opportunity. At the same time, laser marking will also usher in a broader market prospect.