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The CO2 Laser Marking Machine Application On Paper Arts
Feb 22, 2019

The CO2 laser marking machine application on paper arts


The technological revolution in the paper crafts processing industry - the art of laser

Paper crafts, which seem to be incapable of being hit by laser gossip, are now inextricably linked to lasers. What makes the two connected? The answer is it: CO2 laser marking machine.


The CO2 laser marking machine can be used for marking engraving in non-metal industries such as advertising, packaging, tobacco and alcohol, greeting cards, leather, wood products, and daily necessities. The CO2 laser marking machine can be perfectly applied to the marking and engraving needs of these industries. Today, here, mainly on the application of paper crafts.

At present, there are six kinds of paper crafts production equipment on the market: cutting machine, printing machine, embossing machine (ginning machine), bending machine, bronzing machine, stencil machine, etc.

The paper hollower here is what we call the CO2 laser marking machine. The greeting card engraving hollow is the process of using the high energy density of the laser beam to project on the surface of the greeting card, cut through the greeting card and create a hollow pattern. Of course, the paper products we are talking about are not just a kind of greeting cards. The general greeting cards, paper gift boxes, paper bags, calendars, desk calendars, and paper candy boxes are all categories of paper products.


CO2 laser marking machine processing paper products have the superiority of ordinary die-die processing methods. It is non-contact processing, has no direct impact on paper products, so there is no mechanical deformation. Secondly, there is no die wear during laser engraving. Therefore, the card has low loss and the product defect rate is extremely low. Moreover, in the laser engraving process, the laser beam has high energy density and fast processing speed, and is local processing, and has no or minimal influence on the non-laser irradiation portion of the paper product. In general, the CO2 laser marking machine produced by Chengdu MRJ-laser should be the most suitable processing method for paper crafts.