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The Conclusions Of Laser Cleaning Research As Follows
Jul 24, 2018

1. Laser cleaning methods include laser ablation cleaning, liquid film assisted laser cleaning and laser shock wave cleaning. The mechanisms involved include ablation, vibration, thermal expansion, phase explosion, gasification and shock waves.

2. The laser cleaning object is divided into two parts: the substrate and the cleaning material. The substrate mainly includes steel, light alloy, non-ferrous metal, silicon and composite materials. The cleaning materials mainly include rust, oxide film, paint layer, coating and oil stain. And particles, etc.

3. Laser cleaning technology has broad application prospects in the industrial field, including aerospace, automotive, high-speed rail, shipbuilding, marine and nuclear power industries.

In terms of theory and process, although a lot of experiments have been carried out in laser cleaning process research at home and abroad, the theory and mechanism of laser cleaning are still not perfect. Although researchers have established relevant physical models and made certain assumptions and conditions, these models still have a lot of limitations. It is still necessary to do a lot of research to fully reveal and understand the laser cleaning process, especially in lasers and materials. More consideration needs to be made in terms of interaction.

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In terms of practical application, there is a big gap between domestic and foreign countries. This is caused by many reasons. In addition to the laser cleaning mechanism and process is not mature enough, the equipment also limits the improvement of laser cleaning efficiency and precision, especially in China. Power short pulse lasers, which are a major bottleneck in limiting the development of high-efficiency laser cleaning kits.

Today's advanced manufacturing industry has become the commanding height of international competition. Laser manufacturing is a key task deployed during the 13th Five-Year Plan period. Laser cleaning technology, as an advanced technology in laser manufacturing, has great potential for application in industrial development. Laser cleaning technology has very important strategic significance for the substantial improvement of China's high-end laser manufacturing technology and equipment international competitiveness, economic and social development.