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The Difference Between Laser Marking Machine And Laser Engraving Machine
Oct 06, 2018

With the development of laser technology, the types and performance of laser equipment are continuously improved and improved. Common laser equipment includes laser engraving machines and laser marking machines. There are some differences between the two in terms of the printed media, the price of the product, the scope of use, and the function of the product.

So what is the difference between a laser marking machine and a laser engraving machine?

First. the definition is different:

The laser engraving machine is a technological device that uses a laser to engrave a material that needs to be engraved. The laser engraving machine can also be called a laser cutting machine, a laser engraving machine, etc., and the laser is directed onto almost all materials such as wood products, acrylic grains, plastic plates, metal plates, and stone materials.

The laser marking machine uses a laser beam to expose the evaporation of the surface material to the deep material, causing physical changes in the chemical changes of the surface material to mark the trace, or to burn some of the material through the light energy, and to display the desired etching pattern, Text.

Second. the application materials are different:

Laser engraving machines are generally engraved or cut non-metallic materials, such as: marble, wood, crystal, acrylic and so on.

Because the laser marking machine does not need deep carving, it only realizes the marking by marking the name and name. Most of the metal and non-metal materials can be marked. Use very little cutting.

Third. the depth and speed are different:

The laser engraving machine can be engraved in large stroke sizes or cut, far beyond the laser marking machine. The speed of the laser marking machine is relatively fast, and the online labeling of the bottle cap of the beverage bottle that has been done by the laser is online, and the speed reaches 200+ in one minute.

Fourth. the price is not the same:

The price of laser marking machine is different for different materials, ranging from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. Instead of metal laser engraving and cutting machines, the price of low power is much cheaper than laser marking machines.

Today, with the rapid development of science and technology, the laser marking machine laser engraving machine is constantly improving and upgrading, and its practicality is getting stronger and stronger.