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The Laser Paint Removal Technology Is So Amazing, Sweep All The Paint Off!
Sep 18, 2018

Paint removal is an important process in the industry for handling metal materials. Large equipment such as ships, airplanes, bridges, etc. need to be repainted regularly. For many years, the industry mainly used sand blasting and chemical methods to remove paint. These traditional methods have some problems, such as abrasion on the substrate, harmful to the health of construction workers, and serious pollution to the environment.

The use of a laser to remove the surface of the object is an advanced paint removal process. For those equipment that regularly spray a protective layer, laser cleaning can demonstrate its superiority. For example, aircraft and ships are regularly maintained, and the original protective layer needs to be removed first. After the new protective layer is sprayed, the technology has great application space in the aviation industry and in the shipbuilding industry. Typical applications are aircraft skin and large ship surface paint. It has the unique advantages of low cost, no damage to the substrate, cleanness, and complete automation of operation. Compared with the traditional solvent removal and sand blasting method, laser paint removal does not cause environmental pollution, can greatly shorten the cleaning time, reduce labor intensity, and the laser beam is easy to control, and can remove the paint layer on the irregular surface.

The laser cleaning equipment independently developed by Chengdu Mrj-Laser can show good paint removal effect for both plain paint and metal paint. And the laser cleaning equipment can be used with the dust suction device, which will not cause secondary pollution and human damage.

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