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The Main Advantage Of Optical Fiber Laser Marking Machine
Nov 25, 2016

Glass fiber and low manufacturing cost, mature technology and fiber of Rao brought about by the small, intensive advantage;

Glass fibre on the incident pump does not need to be as strict as Crystal phase matched, it is caused because of the Stark divisions of glass matrix inhomogeneous broadening of absorption bands caused wider cause;

Glass materials with extremely low volume/area ratio, fast heat dissipation, low loss, so the higher conversion efficiency, low threshold laser;

Laser wavelength: this is because the rare earth ions are very rich and variety of rare earth ions;

Tunable: due to rare earth ions widths and glass fiber-optic fluorescence spectrum is wide.

Because of the fiber laser cavity-free optical lenses, has the advantage of adjusting, maintenance-free, high stability, which is unmatched by conventional lasers.

Fiber exporting, lasers can easily do all kinds of multi-dimensional random spatial processing applications, design of the mechanical system is very simple.

Qualified for harsh work environments, dust, vibration, shock, humidity, temperature has a very high tolerance.

Without thermoelectric cooling and water cooling, just a simple air cooling.

High electric efficiency: an integrated electro-optical efficiency of up to 20% per cent, significant savings of power consumption and save operating costs.

High power fiber laser is of commercial 6-kilowatt.