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The Materials Can Be Marked By Fiber Laser
Aug 05, 2018

Metal parts manufacturing, auto parts, digital product parts, communication products, sanitary ware, electronic components, building materials, electrical appliances, jewellery, precision machinery, glasses and clocks, hardware and crafts, plastic buttons, medical equipment and other related products Marking process. More suitable for product marking process for accuracy, speed and depth requirements.

Applicable industry

★Metal material

Such as mechanical parts, metal parts, watch cases, metal crafts, MP3, mobile phone case, glasses frame and so on.

★ metal oxide material

Such as metal nameplates, hardware products, metal crafts, U disk shells, etc.

★EP material

Such as electronic component packaging, terminals, PCB circuit boards, ICs, etc.

★ABS and other plastics

Such as pipe, electrical enclosures, electronic products and other products marking the serial number, LOGO and so on.

★Ink and paint process

Such as mobile phone buttons, panels, daily necessities, printed products, and so on.

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