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The Prospect Of Laser Marking In China
Aug 06, 2018

The laser marking system is a light and mechatronic system that combines laser technology and computer technology. The development of laser technology and computer technology has brought unprecedented opportunities and challenges to the development of laser marking technology.

At present, in the galvanometer scanning laser marking system, the hardware control circuit is designed based on the computer ISA bus or PCI bus, and must be installed in the ISA bus or PCI bus expansion slot of the computer motherboard. This method limits the number of one computer-controlled marking machines (in most cases, one computer controls one marking machine). In addition, the hardware is installed on the computer motherboard, which affects the stable operation of the entire system, reduces the stability of the marking system, and increases the cost and volume of the marking machine.

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The emergence and development of USB makes it possible to separate the laser marking hardware control circuit from the computer ISA bus or PCI bus. USB2.0's transmission rate can reach 480Mbit/s, which can fully meet the requirements of laser marking for data transmission rate. Moreover, it can support one computer to connect 127 devices at the same time, so that you can control several computers simultaneously with one computer. The marking machine does not have to add extra costs, and the marking machine can also be sold without a computer, thereby reducing the price of the marking machine.

Nowadays, the Nd:YAG lasers used for laser marking are pumped by xenon or xenon lamps. The pumping efficiency is very low, so that the total efficiency of the laser can only reach 2% to 5%, which means most of the The electric power applied to the pump lamp is converted into heat. Therefore, this laser marking machine is equipped with a huge cooling system, which can account for 40% of the total system volume.

In recent years, semiconductor laser-pumped solid-state lasers have an overall conversion efficiency of more than 20%, which can greatly reduce the volume of the laser cooling system. This has created a laser marking machine that is lighter and smaller. condition. In recent years, high-power fiber lasers have good heat dissipation performance, high conversion efficiency (more than twice that of semiconductor laser-pumped solid-state lasers), low laser threshold, wide tunable range, good beam quality, maintenance-free and price-free. The remarkable advantages of low cost and flexible production have further promoted the development of laser marking in the direction of light weight and miniaturization.

The application of laser marking technology in the industry at home and abroad is being paid more and more attention. Various new marking systems emerge in an endless stream. It replaces the traditional marking methods with its unique advantages, such as stamping, printing, chemical etching, etc. Marked Chinese characters, English characters, numbers, graphics, etc. on the surface of various mechanical parts, electronic components, integrated circuit modules, instruments, meters, motor nameplates, tools and even food packaging, thus achieving a wide range of these fields. Applications. Some developed countries in the world have adopted this technology as a process standard for industrial processing. China has also attached great importance to this technology. The National Science and Technology Commission has listed this technology as the "Eight Five Torch Plan" for research and development. Now it has attracted the attention of more and more manufacturers in China, and will replace the traditional marking process and inject new vitality into product production. Therefore, laser marking has great potential for development and broad market prospects.

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