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The Use Of Laser Marking Machine In The Automotive Industry
Dec 09, 2018

One topic that I am talking about today is the specific use of laser marking machines in the automotive industry. It is understood that after entering the year 2000, under the macroeconomic control of the national economy, China’s economic development has become more and more on the track. The development of the automobile industry is changing with each passing day. People’s living standards are improving, and cars are no longer just a dream. Most people want to own a car they need. There are many different types of cars. For most amateurs, it is very important to buy a car with high quality and cost performance. Problems, like some car quality inspections are not enough, such as car brakes are not flexible, spontaneous combustion problems, out of control, these are issues that can not be ignored, then how can we identify its technical standards?

Chengdu MRJ-laser marking machine features:

1. The discrimination is good. The procedure for making a laser label is more complicated because its material is special and cannot be reused, so the fraudulent person can not estimate the label, which effectively protects the manufacturer and the user. Legal rights.

2. Good flexibility, generally inside the car, according to the needs of consumers, such as the car's steering wheel on the LOGO, the manufacturer logo under the cushion! The manufacturer's serial number can then be edited by computer programs to create a variety of graphics, using laser marking to achieve their desired needs.

3. No inventory: Users can laser mark anytime, anywhere.

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