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The Wide Application On Glass Bottles Marking
Aug 07, 2018

At present, the bottles on the market are mainly divided into two categories: glass bottles and plastic bottles;

Nowadays, many plastic bottles release plasticizers at high temperatures. This is only a carcinogen, which is no small harm to babies. The glass bottle is made of high-grade heat-resistant glass. Because it is safe in material, it does not contain the carcinogen bisphenol A (BPA). It has high transparency and is not popular among young mothers because it does not release harmful substances when it is acidic or alkaline.

According to the "Safety Standard for Infant and Young Children's Bottles" issued by the China Toys and Baby Products Association, there must be a scale mark on the bottle, and the minimum capacity scale value should not exceed 60 ml. There is a serious deviation in the scale of the bottle for the child to milk, which may cause the infant to drink high or low concentration of milk for a long time, affecting its normal development.

The scale label on the glass bottle and the LOGO logo of the manufacturer are currently printed. It will fall or be blurred with the use time, and it may dissolve when the bottle is washed in boiling water.

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At present, the latest application is the use of laser to mark and mark LOGO glass bottles. The characteristics of laser processing are:

1. Laser engraving does not add any substance, keeping the material of the glass bottle safe;

2, laser engraving is clearly visible, permanent and will not be wiped;

3, the engraving pattern can be changed at will, no need to change the stencil;

4, no consumables, saving costs;

The glass bottle engraving machine adopts the latest UV 3D technology, which can quickly engrave glass bottles of different sizes and shapes. It can be equipped with automatic loading and unloading mechanism, including automatic visual positioning, 360° rotary engraving, or simple manual up and down. Material processing method. The equipment is simple to operate, stable and reliable, no consumables, and can be operated continuously.