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UV/Green Laser Marking Machine Function
Jun 26, 2018

Ultraviolet laser marking machine is used for ultra-precision marking and engraving. It is especially suitable for applications such as food, pharmaceutical packaging materials marking, micro hole drilling, high-speed glass material division, and complex pattern cutting of silicon wafers. What are the functions of UV laser marking machine?

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1. On the basis of cold working, the effect of processing the material of the product will be better and the development will be better. When using cold laser processing, the probability of material influence will be reduced to 1 percent, thus the advantages of processing With all the applications, laser technology has been greatly improved. It is believed that in the future laser market, UV lasers will gradually be applied universally. The

2, UV laser marking equipment, with the characteristics of laser equipment, online marking can be achieved in the pipeline function, mainly for shallow fragile shallow label such as: photovoltaic solar glass. The

3, UV laser processing has become cold processing, because the high-energy molecules of the UV photons directly remove the molecules on the metal or non-metal materials that need to be processed. However, this separation leads to the separation of molecules from the material. This kind of work is not Heat is generated. Since this does not produce heat, the UV laser process becomes a cold process. This is the source, and it is also different from the traditional laser. The

4, UV laser marking machine is a product of the laser marking machine series, is also a newly developed laser processing technology, because the traditional laser marking machine uses a laser is a thermal processing technology, in terms of fineness The resulting lifting space has a restrictive development. However, the use of a UV laser marking machine is a kind of cold processing. Therefore, it is a major leap in laser technology because the fineness and thermal influence are reduced to the minimum. The

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UV laser marking machine is a series of laser marking machines, so the principle is very similar to that of laser marking machines. They use laser beams to mark the surface of various materials with permanent marks. The effect of the marking is to directly break the molecular chain of the material by the short-wavelength laser to reveal the desired etching pattern and text.